UCI Campus Organizations Internet Services

Apply For, Renew, or Add CO Web Services

Section 1

When to Use the CO Web Services Apply/Renew Form:

Use the CO Web Services Apply/Renew Form to: 

  • apply for service(s) for the first time 
  • renew your organization's service(s)
  • add service(s) 
  • change service(s) 

For small/simple changes you can submit an Online Support Form or contact us directly instead.

Step 1: Register Your Organization

Step 1: Verify Your Organization is Registered.

Before applying for or renewing a CO Web Services Account your organization must be registered with Student Life & Leadership (or granted equivalent status).

Section 3

Step 2: Login to or Activate Your UCI Google Apps (UCI-Gmail) Account

We ask that you login with your UCI email (UCInetID@uci.edu) before fillng out an CO Web Services Account Application/Renewal Form so we can verify your identity. 

    • Graduate Students can also try this link to activate/renew their UCI Google Apps account.
    • If you can't remember your passwordReset or Change Your UCI Google Apps Password

      • Try signing up/activating if you get an error message.

      • Contact the OIT Help Desk if you need assistance with your personal UCI-Google account.

      • If you are unable to log into your UCI Google Apps account to be able to access the CO Web Services Account Application/Renewal Form, please contact us for assistance.

  • Please note the following:
    • UCI LawNet or UCI Medical students/faculty/staff - contact us for an alternative form
    • UC Irvine Merage Business School (graduate/MBA), Law School and Medical School students: you may have additional services offered to you through your respective school, click here for details. We can provide limited support for these services.

Section 4

Step 3: Submit the CO Web Services Application/Renewal Form

Applications will take about one week to process fully. Your club will be informed when all services are completed.