UCI Campus Organizations Internet Services

Apply For, Renew, or Add CO Web Services

Section 1

Account Processing and Support Services will be unavailible until the July 23rd
Friday, July 3rd, 2018

Account Processing & Support Services will be unavailble until July 23rd. Requests made through our forms and through email will not be attended to until the specified date. 

When to Use the CO Web Services Apply/Renew Form:

Use the CO Web Services Apply/Renew Form to: 

  • apply for service(s) for the first time 
  • renew your organization's service(s)
  • add service(s) 
  • change service(s) 

For small/simple changes you can submit an Online Support Form or contact us directly instead.

Step 1: Register Your Organization

Step 1: Verify Your Organization is Registered.

Before applying for or renewing a CO Web Services Account your organization must be registered with Student Life & Leadership (or granted equivalent status).

Section 3

Step 2: Login to or Activate Your UCI Google Apps (UCI-Gmail) Account

We ask that you login with your UCI email (UCInetID@uci.edu) before fillng out an CO Web Services Account Application/Renewal Form so we can verify your identity. 

    • Graduate Students can also try this link to activate/renew their UCI Google Apps account.
    • If you can't remember your passwordReset or Change Your UCI Google Apps Password

      • Try signing up/activating if you get an error message.

      • Contact the OIT Help Desk if you need assistance with your personal UCI-Google account.

      • If you are unable to log into your UCI Google Apps account to be able to access the CO Web Services Account Application/Renewal Form, please contact us for assistance.

  • Please note the following:
    • UCI LawNet or UCI Medical students/faculty/staff - contact us for an alternative form
    • UC Irvine Merage Business School (graduate/MBA), Law School and Medical School students: you may have additional services offered to you through your respective school, click here for details. We can provide limited support for these services.

Section 4

Step 3: Submit the CO Web Services Application/Renewal Form

Applications will take about one week to process fully. Your club will be informed when all services are completed.