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Winter Break

Please excuse our website appearance as it is being remodeled.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) at University of California, Irvine (UCI) is an organization dedicated to enhancing members’ interest and perspective in civil engineering through industry exposure and practical applications. Our goal is to provide members with the knowledge and tools that will aid them in their future careers. Scroll down to see our most recent events!

Dec 3: Guest Speakers – YMF

Remi Candaele (RBF|Baker), Naveed Kharrat (RJ Noble) and Isamar Escobar (RBF|Baker)
Topic: Younger Member Forum (YMF) and Engineering Projects


Nov 25: CEE Career and Internship Fair

Nov 20: History & Heritage and Student Fellowship Night


Nov 19: PSWC Info and Blaze Pizza Fundraiser

Click here for information about PSWC.
Thank you to everyone who supported us at our Blaze Pizza Fundraiser! We really appreciate it!


Nov 5: Guest Speaker – Desmond Chung

Desmond Chung from Geobrugg
Topic: Path to Success
The ultimate question is “What is SUCCESS to you?”
Define it. Figure out how to get there–find a mentor, do your research, or whatever it is. Go do it!
Constantly adapt and strive to be better.
Membership dues and resumes were collected.

Oct 22: Boba Fundraiser and Second General Meeting

Thank you to those who came to our boba fundraiser, UTC social, and IM arena soccer game. It was great meeting everyone. Although we lost 4-10 against the Chewy Bars, we couldn’t be prouder! Everyone gave it their all; and the support from our cheering section definitely showed.

Oct 8: First General Meeting

Excited for the new year? We are! There will be plenty happening this year so we hope this meeting helped you learn how to get involved! Thank you for coming and we look forward to seeing you some more!


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