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Concrete Canoe is a team project dedicated to constructing a canoe that will showcase how functional and reliable concrete is as a material. Students are allowed to integrate engineering concepts that they acquired academically and also apply it through a hands-on approach. Students are able to obtain a project management experience, the structural, material, and aesthetic skills beneficial for future careers if they further their leadership ability among the program. Albeit majority of this project relies on research, experiments, and creative thinking there is also the final physical test in the rowing competition to really determine how durable each school’s design is.


Our plans for the upcoming year is to continue to improve our concrete mix, looking at past data to make wise decisions for the future, and also bringing together team members and new general members to inspire and learn from each other in this exciting new adventure. All Aboard the Concrete Canoe!

Facebook group Email us: If you’re not on our emailing list but would like to be, fill out the form on the bottom of the page.

If you’re not on our emailing list but would like to be, fill out the form below:

Concrete Canoe Board
Rosario Lauro Project Manager Monica Lee Structural Analysis Mareeya Tongkul Mix Design


Sarah Balain Mix Design Eddie Gonzalez Construction Richer Laporte Construction


Fernando Montes Construction & Paddling Haley Witzeman Aesthetics Adrian Hernandez Fundraising Chair

Growing our understanding of effective engineering practices while also growing future professionals.

Get Involved Steel Bridge is one of the great projects offered by ASCE at UCI. As you might have guessed from our name, we build a 20-foot steel bridge with the help of members just like you! Not only do we get to learn exciting tools of the metalwork trade like machining and welding, we also learn how to apply the theory we study in class into a working model. From planning to design, this project dabbles in useful skills like project management and structural steel design.

This project is built to compete against 18 other universities at the Pacific Southwest Conference! If we rank in the top 3 after a barrage of trials, which includes a race of assembly and culminates in a vertical load tests of 2,500-pounds, we will compete against the top schools from around the nation at the National Student Steel Bridge Competition.


We invite you to join ASCE to be part of our family of extraordinary engineers. We will begin designing and safety trainings in Fall Quarter for our project members. This will include certifications to work in our campus laboratories and also workshops for programs like: AutoCAD and SAP2000. In Winter Quarter, those with lab certifications can be a part of our fabrication process where we actually start to build the bridge. Once the bridge is complete we’ll start to practice runs in assembling the bridge.

Feel free to contact us or check out our photos below! If you’re not on our emailing list but would like to be, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

If you’re not on our emailing list but would like to be, fill out the form below:

Steel Bridge Board

Jeffery Araiza Project Manager Luis Martinez Project Manager Raymond Liang Captain

Kenny Linares Captain Darren Marasigan Captain Marissa Martinez Captain

Mikaela Soriano Captain  



















The Environmental Competition is geared to provide hands-on experience in treating contaminated water and implementing filtration techniques. Students are allowed to work with faculty and professionals to construct a working filter based on a given scenario and present their water quality results. Professional writing skills are utilized in presenting a design report and poster. In designing, students are able to apply concepts learned in the classroom and gain technical skills while constructing.

In the upcoming year we plan to improve our strategy and filter out any imperfections!

The Geotechnical Wall is a competition where students are required to construct a retaining wall using their knowledge of soils and geotechnical engineering principles. Geo-Wall is an ample opportunity for students to improve their technical skills as well as gain a better understanding of what soils engineering entails.

Join us this year on this rockin’ adventure and help us improve our technique!