CORE Webmail (Email) Accounts

IMPORTANT: These accounts are being discontinued in favor of UCI Google Apps for Organizations. Contact us if you have any questions.


CORE offers all clubs and organizations email accounts in order to communicate effectively with members and officers. Organizations will have access to an account in the format of Clubs/orgs can also use in the From: and Reply-To: fields.  

CORE Webmail

Using a Mail Program? - Recommended Settings

  • IMPORTANT: use the full address when adding the CORE account to your email program (especially when using auto-detection/"easy setup"). You will hopefully not have to type everything.
  • Sending Mail (SMTP server)
    • Account name:
    • From:
    • Reply-To:
    • Server:
    • Server Security/Authentication Method: TLS/STARTTLS, normal password
    • Server Port: 587
  • Receiving Mail (IMAP server)
    • Account name:
    • Server:
    • Server Authentication Method: TLS/STARTTLS, encrypted password or normal password
    • Server Port: 143

Have a Club/Org Gmail Already? Use it with your CORE Account!

POP3 Server (download and store messages on another server/device)

  • IMPORTANT: We don't recommend this option unless you are using it to download to another server (like Gmail or Yahoo!)
    • If you download to your personal computer or device, it is tied to that system only, and may be lost forever
  • Settings
    • Server:
    • Server Authentication Method/Security: encrypted password or normal password
    • Server Port: 110
    • Additional: We recommend "leave a copy of messages on server" if available for backup/transition purposes

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