UCI Google Apps for Orgs

Google Apps provides UC Irvine-branded Gmail and other Google services to the campus community. Since Fall 2012 UCI-Gmail has been the default email service for students at UCI. It is also is available to faculty and staff by request (see http://google.uci.edu).

Current Status (as of December 2, 2015)


Since 1998, UCI Student Life & Leadership (formerly the Office of the Dean of Students) has sponsored website and email hosting services for registered campus organizations. 

  • From 1998-2008, we relied on volunteers and a single computer to host web sites and email.
  • In 2008-2009, we hired a student to manage accounts and purchased a new web server for reliability and redundancy.
  • In 2011-2012, we hired a second student to assist with presentations, mail migrations, and website documentation.
  • In 2012-2013, we purchased a new mail server to improve reliability and redundancy.
  • In 2013-2014, we moved our physical servers to our centrallized campus virtual machine infrastructure. We also changed our student worker roles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do you mean by transition and migration?

CORE Accounts is transitioning away from our current mail hosting service. Google Apps offers more space, better SPAM controls, and more reliable service. Migration involves the actual transfer of messages and address books from the old server to Gmail.

Who is responsible for transitioning my account/migrating my email messages?

Note: CORE Accounts has migrated some but not all historical mail data. We will search for and migrate historical mail data on request. If historical mail data is migrated the old account will be inaccessible during the migration. Continued access to messages will be through the UCI-Gmail interface or by setting up a mail client for UCI-Gmail.

How does this affect my organization's CORE Account?

  • CORE Accounts will continue to be provided at no additional cost to registered campus organizations.
  • CORE services will still be managed by SLL/OIT. 
  • Web hosting will remain unchanged (http://www.clubs.uci.edu)
  • Existing @CLUBS.UCI.EDU email accounts will forward to the new inboxes for at least one year after the transition process is completed. Note: this service will end 12/14/2015.
  • Mailman mailing lists (including LISTNAME@clubs.uci.edu addresses) will remain unchanged.
  • All email messages will be copied to UCI-Gmail on request. Address books will be copied if we find them.
  • All UCI-Google Apps services (Mail, Docs, Calendar, etc.) will be available.
  • All accounts will receive an @UCI.EDU address.

We have an existing Gmail account. Are we required to use this new one?

No. You can continue to use an existing Gmail, use both accounts, or migrate Gmail to UCI-Gmail. We will provide tutorials and assist organizations with managing and/or merging accounts at a later date.

Is it possible to use both/multiple Gmail accounts?

Yes. We will provide tutorials and assist organizations in managing and/or merging accounts at a later date.

How is UCI-Gmail different from standard Gmail?

Google Apps is provided and administered by OIT. While registered campus organizations are considered distinct entities from UCI, the use of University-owned electronic resources is governed by the UCI Computer and Network Use Policy (see the CORE Terms of Service). Some organizations may prefer to continue using off-campus accounts and resources. UCI Google Apps is based on Google's Apps for Education service. OIT chooses which features will be made available.

How do I change my Google Apps password?

We recommend that you contact us or fill out a support request form. This will allow CORE Accounts staff to assist you with this process (and make it easier to help you in the future). However, if you would still like to change it yourself, use the UCI-Gmail Manage Account page. Note that If you change the password manually and ask us for help, we will either revert the account to the last password change on file or generate a new password.

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