File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Tutorials

FTP is an Internet protocol to transfer files between a server (like the CORE web server) and any other computer with an Internet connection. An FTP client is a computer program that lets you upload (send) and download (receive) files from a server. 

If you are off-campus, you will need to install the OIT VPN software on your computer before uploading your website using Secure FTP/SFTP. If you do not have or want to install VPN software, select FTP instead of SFTP (if available)If you need help installing the software, contact CORE Accounts staff.

NOTE!! If you are attempting to connect to the CORE Accounts FTP server, you may receive a connection/login error the first time. Try logging in again with the same username and password and if you run into issues, please contact us.

The following are setup instructions for our recommended FTP clients. Any FTP client should work (contact CORE Accounts staff if you need help setting up a different program).

Server Information 

SFTP/FTP Server:

FTP Port: 21

SFTP Port: 22

SFTP/FTP Username: your account username

SFTP/FTP Password: your account password

* Note you must be connecting on campus or through the Campus VPN to be able to access your club's website.


If you are making your site using Dreamweaver, you can choose to use the built-in FTP client in Dreamweaver


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