Below is a collection of tutorials provided to CORE webmasters. From uploading websites to common guidelines suggested, this is the resource all webmasters should utilize to create content and explore all options available. 

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Mailman / Mailing Lists / E-Mail Newsletters 

Mailing List Tutorial

  • Utilize this tutorial to add or remove yourself from a club mailing list.
  • Utilize this tutorial to add, remove, or authorize members for a club mailing list as an admin.
  • Utilize this tutorial to view the club mailing list archives.

OIT Tutorial for using Mailman

Website Content Management

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Tutorials

Website Tutorials & Educational Resources

  • Centralized list of tutorials and information about the CORE websites service

UCI Google Apps for Campus Organizations / Gmail, Calendar, Drive

UCI Google Gmail Setup

Other Resources for Offices 

Year-End Technology Transition

  • Utilize this tutorial to successfully transition among webmasters at the end of the year!

Discontinued services

CORE Webmail (Email) Setup (DISCONTINUED)

UCI Club/Org Mailing Lists

Tech Support for Clubs & Orgs 

Service Login

Campus Organizations