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Transitioning Your Webmaster

Section 1

Maintaining continuity is an integral part of an organization's long-term sucess. This tutorial will assist you in transitioning your new webmaster at the end of your term. 

1. Download the Year End Technology Transistion Workshop document for the new webmaster: here

2. Fill it out and upload it to Google Drive.

3. Move the Permissions over to the new webmaster - See Below

Uploading and Setting Permissions in Google Docs

Step 1: To upload your document to Google Docs, go to your Google Drive and click the "New" button. 
Step One Transitioning Photo
Step 2: In the dropdown, select "File Upload".
Step 2
Step 3: A dialogue box will appear. Find the document saved on your desktop and click "open". Leave the default settings the way they are and click on the blue button that says "Start upload"
step 3
Step 4: Share the Google Doc with the incoming webmaster by adding him/her to the list. Click "share and save" when you are done.
step 4

Step 5: Re-open the share screen by clickingon the blue "share" button on the right hand side of the screen. Where your successors name is, click on the down arrow next to "can edit" and then click "is owner"

step 5
Step 6: Remove yourself from the shared list by clicking on the grey "X" in order to give exclusive access to your successor. After you are sucessful you should see an message that says "Access Denied" since you are no longer an owner of the document.
step 6