Year-End Technology Transition

In order to best utilize this turorial, Please download the CORE Technology Transition Checklist document and fill it out. 

This document will be used to transition webmasters and aid in the sharing of sensitive data. Please only share with authorized signers of your club/organization.

Step 1: Download the Year End Technology Transition Workshop document here. (It will open as a word document)

Step 2: Fill out the document with your orgnization's information. Save this document on your computer to the desktop.

Step 3: Login to your UCI-Google Account. If you don't have one, please create one by clicking on this link.

Step 4: Once completely filled out, upload the checklist onto Google Docs.

To upload your document to Google Docs, click on the "Documents" tab in the toolbar at the top of the page. 


Located next to the 'create' button, click on the 'upload' symbol and then click on 'Files...' as shown in the image below.

image_2_upload docs.jpg

A dialogue box will appear. Find the document saved on your desktop and click "open"

Leave the default settings the way they are and click on the blue button that says "Start upload"

image_3_ upload confirmation.jpg

Step 5. Share the Google Doc with the incoming webmaster by adding him/her to the list. Click "share and save" when you are done.


Step 6: Re-open the share screen by clickingon the blue "share" button on the right hand side of the screen.

Where your successors name is, click on the down arrow next to "can edit" and then click "is owner"


Step 7: Remove yourself  from the shared list by clicking on the grey "X" in order to give exclusive access to your successor.


This is the confirmation screen you should see once you remove yourself.  


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