Spanish interpreters are a valuable asset to our team in overcoming language barriers and fully understanding our patients’ circumstances. As a translator, you will be able to enter patient rooms and gain first-hand exposure to patient care while working with physicians and medical students.

The following is a testimony of one of our own:

“Interpreting for the An Làhn clinic has been rewarding in so many ways. Not only am I helping those who are unable to attain medical assistance but I am also seeing first hand what it is like to be a doctor in training. All the medical students I have met are all so kind and so willing to teach us [the volunteers] the things they’ve learned in medical school, I don’t know many people who get the chance to do that. As someone who is interesting in medicine as well as giving back, I could not have found a better opportunity than interpreting for An Làhn.” -Katia Lopez

Responsibilities will be as of following:
– Volunteer at least twice a quarter (Saturday shift 8-11am)
– Provide translation in Spanish, with intermediate knowledge in medical Spanish

We interview and accept applicants year-round. Our interpreter coordinator, Claudia Orozco ( and Head of Clinic Ops, Kenny Nguyen (kennykn2@uci.eduwill set up personal interviews with you upon application and resume review. The interview consists of an English and a Spanish portion. The English portion will be brief. The Spanish portion requires common phrase  interpretation. It also includes a brief doctor-patient-interpreter roll-playing scenario where you will interpret for the patient and doctor.

If we have too many interpreters at any given time, you will be waitlisted and contacted when there is a need for more interpreters.

If you would like to sign up to become a Spanish Interpreter, fill out the form below: 


Please send your resume to Claudia Orozco to