Student-Run Free Clinic Project Executive Board


Dr. Andrea Nicholas

Dr. Karina Melgar

UCI Medical Student Board

Patient Advocacy and Health Education Chair

Alex Lim

Medical Student Liaison

Michael LoBasso

Physician Recruitment Chairs

Matt Chan

Physician Recruitment Chairs

Savannah Tan

Undergraduate Professional Development Chair

Janani Prasad

Western University Liaisons

ThucMinh Le

Western University Liaisons

Teagan Tran

Research and Grants Coordinator

Ian Jones

Community Outreach Chair

Johnny Le

Community Outreach Chair

Dai Nguyen


Passionately committed to protecting our generation and most importantly the generations to come


Peter Tretiakov

Vice President

Brenda Nguyen


Sara Chea


Kelsey Valentine

Community Outreach Exec

Amanda Esparza

Clinical Operations Exec

Kenny Nguyen

Media and Marketing Exec

Gloria Huynh

Public Relations Exec

Moira Williams

Recruitment Exec

Andrea Bao

Research Exec

Calvin Xu

Past 2018-2019 Exec Board

President: Lily Nguyen
Vice President: Danielle Arellano
Secretary: Crystal Lee

Community Outreach: Jackie Swede
Clinical Operation: Natwara Sutthirat
Research: Peter Tretiakov

Finance: Vicky Cao
Media & Marketing: Shannon Chan

Public Relations: Janna Shim
Recruitment: Jaclyn Dang

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