Lestonnac Free Clinic

As a partner of the Lestonnac Free Clinic, a free clinic organization with locations across Orange County, the Student-Run Free Clinic Project operates at the Garden Grove location on Main Street. Through the guidance and training of Lestonnac, our project receives invaluable resources from the members of Lestonnac. We strive together with the same goal to provide healthcare at a minimal to no cost to all uninsured individuals within Orange County and Southern California while expanding and building upon the resources available to foster a healthy and sound community.



Operating as a nonprofit clinic, the Student-Run Free Clinic Project’s funds are sustained by student held fundraisers and sponsorships from organizations like Studypool. Studypool is an online tutoring website that helps students excel in subjects ranging from business and finance to programming. We give a big thanks to our sponsors in helping us care for our community.