An Lành Clinic offers a variety of services for the uninsured in the Garden Grove area. Feel free to contact or visit us for further information.

Such Services Include, But Are Not Limited To...

Primary Care

Our healthcare providers serve to provide preventative care, preventing illness, providing education, and screening for conditions. 

Specialist Referrals

We can arrange referrals to in-network specialists so you can receive the best care suited for your needs.

Health Education

Our patient education program allows patients to gain basic knowledge about their diagnosis as well as make healthy modifications to their lifestyle.

Primary Care:

Primary care is health care at a basic rather than specialized level for people making the initial approach to a physician or nurse for medical treatment. It is day-to-day care given by a health care provider, who may coordinate specialized care to the patient, according to the patient’s needs.

– Patient Education
– Referrals to specialized physicians
– Physicals
– Prescription medicine at reduced cost
– Acute/chronic condition treatments

Patient Education

Student educators engage in a one-on-one talk with the patient right after they are diagnosed by the doctor and medical students. The principle goal of an educator is to encourage a patient in making lifestyle modifications and provide them with knowledge and resources. Such encouragement includes an adjustment of eating habits, recommendation of daily exercise, modification of cooking, to much more. Graduality is key to a healthy living, and our educators can help!

Our educators are trained by the Student-Run Free Clinic Project team at UCI and work closely with physicians and medical students. All patient educators are trained on topics such as diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, sleep health, and stress relief. Although our patient educators are not trained in mental health, they do provide mental health resources.


  1. Prospective patients fill out their medical history with forms provided by the clinic.

  2. Medical students then evaluate the patients one-on-one by asking background questions and performing a physical exam.
  3. To appropriately assess the patient’s health, the medical students will then meet with the physicians to discuss their findings. After meeting with the patient for the last time, additional questions are inquired for a final diagnosis.

      ***Patient Education occurs at the very end of a patient’s visit.