Service Limits

CORE Account

  • One (1) CORE Account per registered campus organization.
  • There is a finite amount of storage space per Account. Some services may have individual limits.
  • If CORE determines that an organization is using an "excessive" amount of space, the organization will be asked to clean up the storage area. What qualifies as excessive is at the discretion of CORE administrators.
  • All services are FREE/NO CHARGE to registered campus organizations.

Web Hosting

  • "Clubs" web server
    • One (1) web hosting user account per Account.
    • Multiple case-sensitive names allowed (via web aliases).
    • One (1) MySQL database per Account (additional on request, subject to approval).
    • Currently we do not set a hard limit on Clubs web storage, but we may do so in the future.
  • UCI Sites web server (CORE partnership with OIT)
    • Graduate, faculty, and staff organizations can create UCI Sites directly. 
      • CORE is still available for advice and assistance.
    • One blog/site per undergraduate Account.
    • Web aliases are not available.
    • Terms of Service
    • Comparison: UCI Sites vs. Clubs (Clubs being the "Self-Hosted" option)
      • Hosting
        • CORE Accounts/Student Life & Leadership 
          (in partnership with OIT) hosts the site.
      • Technical Maintenance:
        • Orgs are responsible for security updates and other site maintenance.
        • CORE regularly scans for security vulnerabilities and will disable your site if you do not keep it secure.
        • Orgs are responsible for backups.
        • Don't store backups on the CORE servers!
        • CORE may perform backups to help out but we are NOT responsible for data loss.
      • Secure Login
      • User Accounts
        Multiple (depending on the service/s you request):
        • One (1) for FTP/SSH/web
        • One (1) for MySQL
        • One (1) for UCI-Gmail
        • At least one (1) for Mailman lists (password)
        • At least one (1) for individual web packages (e.g. Wordpress, Drupal)
        • At least one (1) for UCI-Sites (personal UCInetID)
      • Custom Themes, Plugins:
      • Domains:
        • Sites are styled as[organization].
        • http://[organization] is available (contact us).
      • FTP Access (including shell)
      • Cost
        • Free (included as part of organization registration fees)
      • Media Upload Quota
        • No hard limit, but excessive use will be investigated by CORE staff (this is a shared service).

Mailman Mailing Lists on

  • Multiple lists allowed per Account.
  • Default: One (1) list; Organizations may request more as needed.

UCI Google Apps for Orgs (CORE partnership with OIT)

  • One (1) Google Apps account ("UCI-Gmail") per Account
  • Additional email address aliases are not available at this time.

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