Science Extravaganza

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Science Extravaganza is a program hosted by MAES at UCI that promotes STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) to students in middle school; the program’s goal is to help latinxs and underrepresented minorities realize their potential in STEM. We invite sixth, seventh and eighth graders from Orange County school districts where STEM promotion is poor. MAES at UC Irvine hopes to reach out and motivate student to work hard and persevere in a STEM discipline; our world is heavily impacted by technology and as a result, the STEM field is in high demand. With an afternoon full of exciting and educational workshops, we hope to leave a lasting impression on the students about a prospective future as an engineer or scientist. MAES at UCI envisions a world where Latinxs and underrepresented minorities are leaders in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


When Science Extravaganza begins, students gather in the auditorium and our MAES Representative gives a short introduction; afterwards, students are split up into five groups and taken to 1 of 5 workshops. The workshops mimic different aspects of the STEM field: such as biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, engineering and material science. Meanwhile, parents and chaperones are engaged in a workshop of their own run by MAES alumni who are able to provide firsthand advice about preparing for college and the benefits of a career in STEM. This workshop informs parents about the steps their children need to take to prepare for higher education. Additionally, parents are encouraged to become more supportive and involved in their child’s education. After the workshops we provide lunch, small science demonstrations, a campus tour and an opportunity to discuss our majors and college experiences with the students. We finish our event with a final presentation from a keynote speaker about the future and importance of science and engineering in the hopes of inspiring the students to pursue an education in STEM.

MAES at UCI is happy to report that the 10th Annual Science Extravaganza was a major success!

Special thanks to our sponsors, MAEStros and Volun-heroes!


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