2nd General Meeting Recap

Thank you to everyone who came to our meeting amid the first wave of midterms! We hope you had lots of fun playing games and learning more about our Hope and Scholarship program. For our next meeting, we’ll be discussing the Health Clinic and Dental program, so stay tuned…. Did …


2nd General Meeting of Fall Quater

Second General Meeting! New meeting location! After-event! Come and learn more about our Scholarship and Hope Programs, where we help support and provide for children in orphanages! Our officers will be presenting and recounting some of their own personal stories of these programs. Also, sign-ups for Lestonnac Clinic and Health …


Week 2 Scavenger Hunt Social Recap

Thank you everyone that came to the scavenger hunt. It was really awesome running around with members new and old! At the end of the scavenger hunt, it appears that Truman’s group won!!! Group: Julian Nguyen, Truman Nguyen, Vivionna Tran, Mandy Nguyen, Michael Trang, and Nathalie Le If you want …

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