Meetings: Every Thursday at 6:30 P.M. Location HH 143

To serve the underprivileged by addressing their medical and educational needs.

About Us

MEMO (Medical, Educational Missions and Outreach) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, student-run, humanitarian organization that seeks to serve the underprivileged by addressing their medical and educational needs. Founded in 2007, we are comprised of volunteer students, physicians, and other health professionals. Our organization organizes and funds programs in Vietnam to improve the health and well-being of others. In addition, MEMO serves the community locally by hosting health fairs and volunteering at service events.


Throughout the school year, we serve the local community through various service events such as free health fairs, soup kitchens, food banks, and planting.


We host workshops throughout the school year to give students the hands on experience! Some workshops we have throughout the year include CPR, blood glucose and cholesterol, and blood pressure. We also have guest speakers from various fields, such as doctors, PAs, dentists, MCAT/GRE advisors, and different volunteer opportunities.


We have various fundraisers throughout the school year to fund our mission trip programs. These include on and off campus fundraisers, ice skating, Barnes & Noble gift wrapping, and TV tapings.


To destress from school, we have socials throughout the year to have fun with our members! Socials include eating together after meetings, getting a Big or Little for mentorship, and our interchapter socials where we meet other MEMObers from other chapters!

Contact us

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our work or how to get involved!