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UC Irvine's Chapter of the National Honors Society for Neuroscience

Core Values

To foster intellectual curiosity, instill merit, and promote excellence and diversity in the field of Neuroscience.

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We are committed to promoting an atmosphere of intellectual curiosity, and providing our members the academic and networking means to actualize their research in the field of neuroscience. Nu Rho Psi provides guidance to members as they navigate the prominent neuroscience presence at UC Irvine, providing them with information and access to research opportunities and mentorship as they progress towards success and fulfillment of their goals within the field.

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Nu Rho Psi focuses not only on developing members’ scientific skills, but also their humanitarian ones. Communication with and connection to our community is pivotal to the nature of science itself, as everyone deserves to have the capacity for expanding their knowledge. Members of Nu Rho Psi are provided the training and confidence to conduct effective outreach to the community, bridging the gap between the theoretical nature of their research and the humans affected by it.

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Professional Development

Nu Rho Psi provides unparalleled access to the eminent neuroscience network at UC Irvine, including exclusive luncheons with professors and scientists, seating at colloquia, and networking opportunities crucial in a field as collaborative as neuroscience. Members of Nu Rho Psi are provided with opportunities to build and expand their professional and scientific network, and forge career-spanning connections that have the potential to shape their trajectory as neuroscientists.

Annual Theme: Glial Cells and their Role in Health and Disease

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What Are Glial Cells?

Glial cells are the cells surrounding the neurons in the nervous system. Their general function is to provide support for neurons.

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Type of Glial Cells

Central Nervous System: Astrocytes, Microglia, Oligodendrocytes, Ependymal Cells Peripheral Nervous System: Schwann Cells, Satellite Cells

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Glial Cell Function

Glial cells hold neurons in place, supply them with nutrients and oxygen, insulate them from one neuron to another, and clean up neuronal debris.

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Glial Cell Dysfunction

Significant implications on health: over-activation causes neuroinflammation and increased pain throuhgout the body. Improper glial function can lead to the development of disorders such as schizophrenia.