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Nu Rho Psi @ UCI

UC Irvine’s chapter of Nu Rho Psi strives to develop the next generation of neuroscientists and shape their career trajectories by providing immersive research, training, and community outreach.

We accomplish this by achieving excellence in 3 areas:

1. Scientific Development
Nu Rho Psi promotes an atmosphere of intellectual curiosity through providing our members with the academic and networking means to pursue their research and academic interests in the field of neuroscience.

2. Professional Development
Nu Rho Psi provides unparalleled access to the eminent neuroscience network at UC Irvine, including exclusive luncheons with professors and scientists, front row seating at colloquia, and various networking opportunities with renowned scholars.

3. Community Outreach
Nu Rho Psi upholds its social responsibility of giving back to its community through service related to neuroscience. Members also have the opportunity to build connections with their local community.


National Honor Society

Nu Rho Psi is the National Honor Society in Neuroscience, founded in 2006 by the Faculty of Neuroscience. The Society has two primary goals.

The Society’s first purpose is to encourage professional interest and excellence in scholarship, particularly in neuroscience. This aim involves awarding recognition to students who achieve such excellence, advancing the discipline of neuroscience through dedication to research, and promoting career development in neuroscience via interaction between students, faculty, and professionals in the field.

The Society’s second goal is to encourage community service, primarily in a manner that increases public awareness of neuroscience and its benefits for individuals and society as a whole.