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Upcoming Events: 

May 15, 2019: Journal Club – Dr. Brewer

May 15, 2019: Blaze Pizza Fundraiser

May 17, 2019: Lab Tour – Dr. Brewer

May 20, 2019: Colloquium – Dr. Brewer

May 24, 2019: Seahorse Club – Dr. Michael Lee

May 29, 2019: Faculty Luncheon – Dr. Brewer

June 1, 2019: Annual Induction Ceremony & Digital Poster Competition

Community Events:

High School Presentations:

Nu Rho Psi’s Educational Outreach Committee develops new presentations on various neuroscience topics, including the National Honor Society’s annual theme. These lessons are fun and informative in order to engage with the students. They also provide an opportunity for Nu Rho Psi members to improve their scientific communication skills.

Volunteering Opportunities:

Nu Rho Psi provides opportunities to our members to serve at local hospitals and clinics as well as shadowing opportunities, especially in areas related to mental health. These opportunities will be offered to all members as a whole and individually catered.

Neuroscience Resources:

Nu Rho Psi’s members have full access to our UCI Neuroscience Survival Guide, a list of all the neuroscience classes at UCI, a list of labs currently recruiting Research Assistants, and other opportunities for students interested in neuroscience.

CNLM Ambassadors:

Nu Rho Psi is supported by the Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory and works closely with the CNLM Ambassadors to advance outreach and educational activities, including the Brain Explorer Academy, the Irvine Brain Bee, Brain Camp, Brain Awareness Week, and more.


End of the Year Event:

Annual Induction Ceremony:

At the end of every academic year, we hold a celebration to formally recognize and honor new inductees into the Society. This event provides an opportunity to network with other Nu Rho Psi members and faculty on campus as well as celebrate all that we have accomplished throughout the year.

Digital Poster Competition:

The annual Induction Ceremony also includes digital poster presentations of research by senior members of the Society. The competition will be judged by UCI neuroscience faculty and demonstrates the breadth of neuroscience research being conducted by our members.