Community Service Directors 2017-2018

Co-Service Director: El Carlisle


Hey y'all! I'm a second year, Criminology and Film double major with a minor in Political Science. I can't wait to be your Community Service Director this year and I am super excited to bring in new events! Service never sleeps and neither do I so you will probably see me with coffee if you ever see me around, and if there is nothing in my hand, come get coffee with me! And while we are doing service, if you are ever looking for some cool tunes, make sure to come talk to me and I will give you some of the best indie recommendations from my radio show.

IMG_9760 - Henry Ye (2)

International Community Service Director: Henry Ye

Hi there! My name is Henry Ye and I am the International Service Director of the 2017-2018 year. I am a 2nd year Data Science and Mathematics double major. I joined Rotaract last year and really enjoy it! Attending weekly service events makes my day compact and meaningful. Also, the fact that I come from China has been propelling me to do international service, helping the international people here and worldwide as much as I can. In the 2017-2018 academic year, I will explore more interesting international service events and motivate people to participate. Finally, A fun fact about me is that I prefer even numbers over odd numbers and I take it seriously!