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Welcome to the UC Irvine Student Bar Association's website!


The Student Bar Association (SBA) is UCI Law's student government. All students of UC Irvine School of Law are members of the SBA. The purpose of the SBA is to facilitate student dialog with the faculty and administration, and vice-versa. We are also a troubleshooting body when issues arise. The SBA helps to coordinate Admitted Students Day with the Admissions Office, 1L mentoring, Barrister's Ball, and other school-wide events. Starting this year, we have been responsible for allocating funds to 1) student organizations to support events that benefit the law school community and 2) students to attend conferences. The SBA further acts as the liaison between the law school and the Associated Graduate Students, which is the governing body of all UCI graduate students. See what we've worked on for the 2011-2012 year.

Through the SBA, student representatives are elected or appointed to student-faculty committees responsible for faculty appointments, academic affairs, admissions, and others. In terms of organizational leadership, there are at least twelve officers that constitute the SBA Board of Directors: the Chair; Vice-Chair for External Relations; Vice-Chair for Internal Relations; five Directors each responsible for Communications, Technology, Finance, Social Programming, Career Development; AGS Representative; and Class Representatives. Law students are eligible and encouraged to run for any of the officer positions, but students running for a Class Representative position must be a member of that particular class.

Currently available features of the website can be found through the links under Navigation on the left. We welcome feedback on what features to add and what would be useful for you.

For future SBA Social events, see the SBA Social Calendar

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Logging In

If you are a current UCI Law student, you can login using your UCInetID. Your name on the website will be set by school records. If you have a nickname set (which you can set by clicking here), that will be your name on the site. Otherwise, it will typically be your full name (First.Middle.Last). Changes to (or the addition of) you nickname will change your ID on the site.

If you are a UCI Law Administrator and you would like to login to the site, please contact Brian Choc with your UCInetID, so he can add your UCInetID to the list of authorized users.

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