About Our Organization

Virtual Reality Development Club is the first of its kind student oriented VR organization at UC Irvine focused on development of a new medium of technology, Virtual Reality. Our organization welcomes students from all backgrounds to explore the boundaries of VR technology.

Founded in Winter 2018 by our current president, Edward Lok, our club mission is to educate and encourage students to pursue potential careers in the Virtual Reality Industry and foster an experimental learning VR Development community at UC Irvine. The organization will pioneer the establishment of a Virtual Reality learning space outside of the classroom and lay the foundation for future student generations to connect through VR.


Resources to Get Started with Unity Virtual Reality Development!

Here are some free resources to begin development.

Club Officers

Edward Lok


Cameron Maberto

Vice President

Daniel Mardirousi


Jonathan Huang

Programming Officer

Ryan Aveo

Public Relations

Kathleen Zhou

Art Team

Armen Mouradyan

Web Team

Carleton Zhao

Web Team