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2015 Onion Order

Dear AVCGardeners,

Once again this year, we would like to offer you the opportunity to order onions and leeks through the AVCG. For busy gardeners, onions are a wonderful crop to fill up some of your plot space in the winter and give you beautiful and tasty onions the following summer.

We will be piggy-backing on the Master Gardeners order with Dixondale Farms in Texas, so the prices are very good due to the size of the order.

To see what Dixondale offers, please visit to decide what you want to order for the your 2015 onion and leek crops.

Onions will be $3.00 a bunch (50-75 plants) and leeks (50-75 plants) will be $10.00 a bunch.

To place your order, you need to do 2 things only. (Your order will be delivered to your plot in the garden in early January.)

  1. Fill out the order form (here). Be sure to provide your plot number along with all the other information required.
  2. Place the  completed order form and a check made out to JOANNA ITOH ($3 per bunch of onions, $10 per bunch of leeks) in the mail box in Plot 25 by Sunday noon, Nov. 23. Orders cannot be accepted after this date as I will be going out of town, so act quickly!

Happy Gardening!

Joanna Itoh
AVCG Officer