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In this column we hope to bring to the AVG gardeners the opinions of gardening professionals and amateur gardeners from around the country on the consensus ratings of various vegetables based on their taste, texture, intensity of flavor, and plant productivity. Obviously, what one gardener considers wonderful about a tomato or carrot may not be as highly regarded by another planter. Moreover, variations in the quality and composition of the soil, seasonality of weather patterns, and the types of fertilizers used, can result in enormous variations in vegetable quality.

Our sampling is therefore based on finding those specific varieties of vegetables that rank at or near the top of most of the reviews from individuals and gardening groups around the country. Over the course of a year, our listings of the ‘best of the best’ varieties of specific vegetables may be too late for the current planting season since, as an example, most summer vegetables here in Irvine have already been planted. Hopefully, we will be able to come up with recommendations for fall and winter vegetables before their planting seasons. In any case, if we are too late for any given planting season, keep the recommendations handy for the next year.

A young Japanese lady named Marie Kondo last year published a transformative best-seller entitled ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.” Her thesis, which made a lot of sense to many people, was that in the process of tidying up and getting rid of things, discard anything of non-current use that ‘did not spark joy.’ The search for the ‘best of the best’ in vegetables is a logical offshoot of Ms. Kondo’s thesis. Rather than planting and growing vegetables that don’t ‘spark joy, wouldn’t it be nicer to plant and grow those things that really do pack a taste and flavor wallop?

Larry hopes to cover the following veggies in upcoming blog posts, (in no particular order):

1. broccoli
2. carrots
3. beans
4. cauliflower
5. tomatoes
6. squash

Summer Solstice Event

Dear AVCGardeners:

Please note a slight change to the order of activities at our upcoming
Event at the Garden. The Potluck will be at 4, before the garden tour.

4-5 Potluck Meal  (please bring a dish to share). Plates, utensils and
beverages will be provided by the AVCG). The Meal will be followed by tours
of several garden plots and a demo of trap setting for gophers, etc.

Also, if you have gardening questions or concerns with your plants, consult
with one of our very own Master Gardeners at 3 pm (before the potluck),
This is a great opportunity to get expert advice and learn about resources
that you can use to do your own research. “The Master Gardener is the
Garden” activity will be repeated if there is sufficient interest shown by
our gardeners.

What: Summer Solstice Event
Where: at the AVCG garden
When: June 20th, 3-4 pm: Consult with Master Gardeners about your gardening
Potluck Dinner (please bring a dish to share) followed by 4-5 tour of garden plots, demo of trap setting.

We hope to see you there!

AVCG Events Crew
Steering Committee