Monthly Archives: September 2016

AVCG Website Updates

Howdy Fellow Gardeners,

I ‘m happy to update you all on some improvements to the Resources section of the website and other exciting new developments from the Communications Crew.

1.) We have a fairly new and expanding section called “Pests and Garden Visitors”. This section is designed to inform gardeners and to document specific sightings in our garden. Rather than serving as a replacement for the more detailed information on each species available elsewhere (with links), my hope is that these lighthearted articles might inspire your curiosity to learn more about the non-vegetable residents of our garden. I also hope that this can serve as something of a documentary-style project. To that end, all gardeners are welcomed and invited to start sending in any photos you may have taken over time of pests, animals, and other visitors or garden residents. Rare sightings are especially encouraged.

2.) We have been fortunate that in the past year, gardener Larry has been providing us with valuable insight into the “Best of the Best” varieties based on a number of factors. To make it easier for fellow gardeners to find and refer back to these posts, I’ve given this recurring feature its own landing page under Resources. Check back in the future for more excellent advice from Larry.

3.) Another recurring feature that I hope will continue is our “Meet the Gardeners” (Mary Bailey’s) series. There is already a link to this page on the website, but if you visit it you will see that we could really use a few more gardeners! If you are interested in being interviewed and featured here, or would like to conduct your own interview of a fellow gardener, please contact, with the word WEBSITE in the subject line. And, if I may just say – please don’t be shy. We are looking for first-time gardeners, seasoned veterans, and everything in between in order to learn about and celebrate the amazing community in the Anthill Village Community Garden.

Lastly, we currently have quite a lot of room on the Communications Crew and are always looking for new writers. If you think you might enjoy earning your yearly hours by pecking out words on a keyboard, please contact the new communications crew leader, Jim. Former members are also invited to get back in touch.

Keep on Growing!

-The Communications Crew