Hello, CCM’ers,

We will be having Study Jams, which are sessions led by a board member(s) of CCM, where we can get together and study!  Study Jams are worth 5 points per 30 minutes, so if you have breaks between classes or just want to catch up on work, stop by and earn some points! The schedule is below. If you have any question, please email us!


Days + Times Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10am-11am Eli and Yulissa @ Ayala 6th Floor
11am-12pm Eli and Yulissa @ Ayala 6th Floor
12pm-1pm Emily @ Ayla

2nd Floor

2pm-3pm Daniel @ Langson 3rd floor Mason and

Daniel G. @ Ayala 572

3pm-4pm Daniel G. and Mason @ Ayala 572
4pm- 5pm
5pm-6pm Andrea @ Ayala 5th floor Jorge @ Langson 2nd floor
6pm-7pm Angie @ Ayala 6th floor (6:30pm) Jennifer

@ Ayala 6th floor

7pm-8pm (until 7:30) Jennifer @ Ayala 6th floor



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