Science Academy

A STEM program for Santa Ana 4th-5th grade students.

         1st Session: Biology, Anatomy and Life Science Topics

2nd Session: Engineering and Computer Science

We provide mentors who will help guide these students towards college and prepare them for STEM courses

High School Conference

We provide mentors who help guide high school students through college application, SAT preparation & financial aid process. Also, we provide mentors who will help guide and inspire these students to reach their full potential

 Science, Engineering, Arts and Technology Science Fair

We will be holding a science fair on April 19, 2018, for 4th and 5th graders in Santa Ana. We will need mentor to donate some time on Saturdays in order to help students with their projects and help guide them throughout the entire process

LMSA-CCM Mentorship Program

We are working with the Latino Medical Student Association to set up a program where a medical students will serve as a mentor for undergraduate students. You will be able to communicate with your mentor on a weekly basis and attend mixers once a month where refreshments are provided! This program starts Spring 2018! Applications are open now and due by the end of Winter Quarter March 23rd!