UCI Campus Organizations Internet Services

CO Web Services

Section 1

Website Services

  • Campus Organizations can obtain web hosting on the Clubs server or other campus servers. MySQL databases are also available. The content and maintenance of each site is the responsibility of the members of that club/org. CO Web Services does not manage or police content, but may pursue action if a site violates the Terms of Service.

  • On-Campus Websites

    • http://clubs.uci.edu/ORGNAME

    • http://sites.uci.edu/ORGNAME

  • Forward/Redirect

    • Get a UCI address and forward to your org's Facebook or an off-campus website.
  • Wordpress Setup
    • WordPress is a open-source software you can use to create and design websites easily.  CO Web Services can help organizations set up a Wordpress site using a UCI web address.

Section 2

MySQL Databases and phpMyAdmin

  • MySQL is a database management system that stores data for web packages such as Wordpress and custom-built forms.phpMyAdmin is a web based database viewer and data manager.

Mailman Lists

  • Mailman Lists are a useful tool to send regular updates to all members (announcement list) or to create a discussion list for officers or members. Organizations can have multiple lists, which can be publically visible or private.

UCI Google Apps for Organizations

 (including UCI-Gmail)

  • IMPORTANT: Orgs cannot change their Google Apps password from OIT's Google Support page (http://google.uci.edu).