About Us

Persian Language & Culture Club at UC Irvine

Persian Language and Culture Club at the University of California, Irvine, founded in Fall 2013, aims to unify the Iranian student population on campus in pursuit of a deeper understanding of the Iranian identity, language, history, culture, and all that it encompasses. Our hope is to provide a forum for dedicated and passionate students who challenge and educate one another and the bigger community in Iranian issues, through educational, cultural, and social events. We welcome both Iranians and Non-Iranians alike, and anyone interested in Persian language and/or Iranian culture is welcome to join the organization. Please fill out this form, if you are interested to join us.

More Information about PLCC:
PLCC is categorized both as an Academic/Honors organization as well as a Multicultural one and is an affiliate of UCI’s Cross-Cultural Center. The academic aspect of the club means that we will have events that aim to educate the members about Iranian identity, history, culture, music, language, etc., as well as lectures by experts in these fields. However, we are also a multicultural organization and celebrate Iranian holidays, have socials, competition nights, as well as fundraiser events. In the past we used to offer free Persian Language Tutoring to students interested in learning Persian; however since we have Persian Language Mentoring Program now, we encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity and enroll in Persian 10B. Of course, if you need help with any related classes we are always here to help; just make sure to let us know. Moreover, there is no membership fee and anyone is welcome to join.

Feel free to email us at plcc@uci.edu with any questions you may have.

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